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This is my attempt at shaping all the random drawings of myself in various states of Hissi-ism, customs from adoptable sites long since extinct, and facts about myself presented in a Neo-worthy form into a character page for myself. Call it my Neosona if you want, it's really just the manifestation of my being so egotistical that I want request/trade art of myself along with my characters. This page describes the me that exists in the Alli_Draggian Universe, that is, the one who physically drags my pets onto the Art Chat to go be pretty. The one who created the ADU and exists on the far more boring side of the fourth wall is described on my homepage. So, I guess I should begin with my statistics, utilizing one of the previously mentioned adoptables.

  • Name: Alli/El/alli_draggy
  • Age: College student, that's all I'm telling you.
  • Gender: Don't have one, just like Giratina. They/them
  • Orientation: Lesbian
  • Species: Extradimensional projection, can switch between human, Hissi, and anything in between forms.
  • Abilities: Sometimes I draw myself with them, but that's just wish fulfillment - my home dimension's animum level is too low for me to maintain any canonical powers. I'm also great at academics.
  • Likes: Reptiles, Nightcore, all things edgy, 2000s aesthetics, Pokemon Go, neon lights, glowsticks, weird bass-laden remixes, staying up until 2 AM and somehow being functional the next morning, stars, sunsets, lightning, lukewarm days, pyjama pants, jeggings, feathered serpents and dragons, cute little fangs, snekstacy, hoarding adoptables
  • Dislikes: people who say they'll do art requests and then never do them, people who don't message back, file size requirements, slow WiFi, mean people, originality complexes, being underestimated, modern graphic design, Christmas creep
  • Enneagram: One/Reformer

Most Recent Refs - Updated 9/4/2021

We've covered my basic info. Now, let's get to the art. If any of the adoptables are yours and I'm using the wrong link, please let me know. I've tried to get things as current as possible. I've put art by me in roughly chronological order, scroll down to get to the stuff I actually want people to look at. Mouse over for more information about what the heck I was thinking.



2016 has very little in the records, but I've unearthed some from old notebooks. Its main focus was on snekstacy plans and making new characters and most of the art was for Cynd or XP. Plus, I spent a disconcerting amount of time playing Pokemon Go.

2017 has a lot of BC entries in the records. With wanting to look good for the app for Mephidross and alli_draggy being on allis__hissis and easy to BC, while the account alli_draggy was frozen, the pet alli_draggy had some fun.


Art By Others

I've tried to provide the most accurate credit I can. If my links or usernames are wrong, please let me know.