Imagine a world... Which one? The one we live in?
Where your wildest dreams can come to life. Hey, I made no promises of that.
A world governed by the conflict between opposing forces of infinite power. Wait, what?
Forces of order... I thought I told you to stop italicizing about me.
...and chaos. Heck yeah!
Xi, get away from my kid.
You're just no fun. You know that, right?
Guys! You're messing up my cool small-caps intro!
Okay, fine...
You know, you began this, I simply played along to entertain you.

Okay, but seriously, y'all are disrupting my page. And Xi, what is with the cyan? You're clashing with my color scheme!

You're speaking to Xinonix the Destroyer, the End of All incarnate, and you're complaining about font colors?

If you're going to bring your whole cosmic conflict thing onto my page, then yeah, I've got to maintain my code.

Xinonix, you are beyond such things as arguing over mortal HTML. I think you have some souls to create or something. Let's go and leave the child in peace.

Pher, you know quite well that we already divvied out the animum. I'm free to do whatever I want, long as it doesn't, like, destroy the world. But moving our whole eternal fight for control onto Go's page might be inappropriate.

Thank you. Also, Pher, as much as I love you since you've decided you're my mom or something, if Xi's making more sense than you, that's a problem.

Go & Pher

A girl and her Incarnation

Okay, I think the whole cosmic battle thing is over for now. Anyway, hey! My name's Go, and I'm pretty much your normal teenage magical girl. I wield a staff with a giant ruby on the end which shoots out fire and light, fight evil whenever it appears, go to school, fight with my mpm, play Pokemon Go, you know, the usual. Oh, and I'm also caught up in cosmic action with the Incarnations of Order and Chaos since Pheriana decided to adopt me to train me on how to properly use my powers for good. But you don't want to hear about all that cliche protagonist stuff. Let's get to me!


  • Name: Go
  • Species: Hissi
  • Color: Mutant - I'm actually a mutant Mutant Hissi, I've only got one head.
  • Gender: Female - she/her/hers
  • Age: 14
  • Sloppy = I know Pher and my real mom both complain about how I don't clean my room often enough, but how things are organized makes sense to me, you know?
  • Outgoing = I try to be nice to everyone I meet. May not necessarily make friends, but there's no sense in making enemies. Besides, I just like talking to them, everyone is so interesting!
  • Active = I have to keep my body and mind active, both so I can train to be the hero I'm supposedly destined to be and just so I don't get bored.
  • Playful = Hey, what's more fun than saving the world? If you've got a job to do and are literally being forced by your local cosmic entities to do it, might as well try to enjoy it.
  • Nice = Basically being a superhero aside, I want people to be happy. I even used to be on the school spirit committee before the whole magical girl thing
  • Abilities: I don't really know. I know the staff can shoot out fire and light to attack and can also heal me, and that's without Pher intervening.


Updated 12/24/2020
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By El
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By Others


You know, I can't exactly tell you "Yeah, I'm the Incarnation of Order's chosen champion" without telling you who Pher is and what she does. Well, here's my best interpretation of what's going on, but until last year, I thought Incarnations were just a myth, so my explanation might not be totally accurate. May end up roping in Pher and Xi for some explanation.

Order and Chaos

From what Pher and Xi have tried to explain to me, keeping dimensions from totally imploding in on themselves is all about balance. Order and chaos exist to balance each other out and keep each other from getting too powerful. If there was only one Incarnation, either nobody would have free will or animum and everyone would just be lumps of flesh with no motivation or people would end up mutating and manifesting crazy powers and it'd be a struggle to survive every day, assuming the whole place wasn't destroyed. Although, honestly, the latter scenario sounds kinda cool. Creation and destruction and stasis and change follow as well. Despite appearing as a super-edgy wraith Hissi-

Go, I do overlays because you can't comprehend my true form. I look "edgy" because you want me to.

-okay, yeah, I guess you're right, but anyway, despite appearing to me, at least, as a super-edgy black and rainbow wraith and utterly taking glee in wreaking destruction, Xi isn't evil and doesn't actually, like, want to destroy the world, it's just her job and given cosmic duty and she'll always try to do it, but never succeed, until the End of All when chaos consumes everything before it all gets thrown into the void. Pher and Xi might always fight, but they're always equally matched, which is how we're all still here and everybody's got the right amount of animum in their souls and things are pretty great.

Always chasing after each other, but always keeping distance. That sounded deep, right?

Champion of Order

You're probably wondering, and to be honest, I'm kinda wondering, what my role is in all this. If everything is supposed to always stay balanced, what do Pher and Xi want with me? Isn't me getting what amounts to divine intervention kinda...unbalancing? From the little I know, yes, but I'm getting trained because things aren't balanced and there's something else messing with Veritas. I don't know the full details. There's stuff that Pher and Xi aren't telling me. Like, I've read stories about something called the Degenerate and an alternate dimension and how the Degenerate's gonna fuse with Xi and try to end everything prematurely, but when I asked Pher, she said it was just a myth. I don't really believe that, since until I met her, I assumed Pher was just a myth.

Anyway, from the little I've heard, while everything is supposed to stay in balance with Pher and Xi, there's a third player of some sort who's taking things out of balance. It's opening dimensional rifts and stuff and bringing animum into Veritas that shouldn't be here, which is bad because every dimension's got a quota of animum which dictates exactly how long it can exist before it's returned to the void and introducing animum from elsewhere could mess with that. Even worse, whatever the thing that's opening rifts is, Pher and Xi can't fight it. It's coming from another dimension and they can't leave Veritas since they kinda are Veritas. All I know is that the rifts are somehow bringing power to the third entity by sending souls it made into this dimension or sucking animum from Veritas in, and that I can hopefully keep the entity from being able to go through until someone figures out how to close the rifts by destroying anything that comes out of them so the extradimensional animum will go back to where it came from.

I've heard there are other people working on keeping whatever-it-is from destroying Veritas. There's a scientific organization in the building downtown that's trying to dissect animum and figure out how it works so we can get a better idea of what's really going on with dimensional rifts, but Pher won't let me talk to them, she says she gets bad vibes from them, that their leader's got animum he shouldn't have and that something in that building isn't quite...right. She can't even enter it without feeling excruciating pain despite not having a physical body, apparently the bad vibe is that strong. Xi can't just destroy the building either, she says something's blocking her, like the building isn't totally mounted in this dimension at all.

I'm scared and confused and kind of annoyed. Something really weird and potentially apocalyptic is going on, and the Incarnations, the ones who are supposed to handle this, don't seem to be handling it very well. They're not letting me interact with people who might actually know something and making me, some teenager who's got 1 fewer head than I should, fight a battle for them that they apparently can't. I haven't seen Pher and Xi building up an army or anything, and I don't really think I stand a chance by myself. Sure, I can set the occasional critter that comes out of a rift on fire, but are they really expecting me to fight something even they can't describe? And why did they choose me, anyway? Sure, I'm honored, but I'm objectively not that great. I guess I've got ambition and I do like wielding magic like some sort of superhero, but I don't think that's gonna do anything against a dimension-tearing abomination. I half suspect they're just roping in protagonist-types to keep people worshiping them and that they know we're all just plain doomed.