Heya! Get ready, visitor! You are about to witness the power of the MISTRESS OF SPACE AND TIME! That's right! The Enforcerâ„¢ has graced you with her presence. Bow before my divine might and my total dominance over everything around me!
...why aren't you bowing? See, this is what Alli keeps telling me, and it's super-annoying. Like, they keep saying "Now, El, if you keep doing this whole "Enforcer" thing and keep forcing people to witness your supposed power, you're never going to make friends.", and that's just her being nice. Kasandaria keeps calling me "delusional" or something, and that I'm just some kid on a scooter and will never really be powerful. Like, who are they to judge? Alli has their whole thing with UCs that don't exist, and I know Kasandaria had this whole thing where she was, like, the mistress of death and could summon shadow snakes, so who are THEY calling delusional? Like, I'm not delusional, they're just too weak to perceive my true power! Here, educate yourself, visitor. Behold the strongest, coolest, and most beautiful being you're EVER going to have the pleasure of witnessing!

Wait...hold up, people want to draw me? Seriously? OF COURSE THEY DO! Like, why wouldn't they, knowing that I'm just THIS GREAT. Here's their art, which I'm totally not thrilled to receive, because I know they're just dying to draw my majesty. Behold their piddling likenesses of my true self.

But that isn't enough. You've gotta know more about my majesty! Here you go! Here's EVERYTHING you could possibly think of!

Name: Ellendale. Call me "El" and you will face my wrath!
Age: 14 glorious years old, and I'm only getting stronger! Birthday is December 13!
Species: Hissi
Color: Checkered
Gender: Female
Likes: Scootering, compliments, sour candy, bright colors, my cat Scooter, leading groups, talking about anything I like, Pokemon Go, fingerless gloves, caffeine, jewelery, cool HTML effects, sci-fi, all kinds of animals, Nightcore
Dislikes: Being underestimated, condescension, angry geese, people trying to doubt me, roads without sidewalks, bicyclists, being called "El", annoying adults, reality, country music
Sloppy = Alli keeps complaining that I never clean my room, but, like, I thrive in chaos and distortion. I AM CHAOS!!!!! I mean, of course my room looks like a tornado hit it, I'm the reason storms are named after people after all.
Outgoing = I LOVE talking to people, especially if I'm talking about my favorite topic: me. I even talk to myself when there's no one to talk to, or when I just need an expert opinion.
Active = I'm always moving around and I'm full of energy! I go around on my scooter and exercise to get stronger, and when I can't be out, I always slither around the house talking to myself. I actually used to be on a Yooyuball team, but they kicked me off because I "wasn't a team player". How dare they? When I unlock my full power, I'll destroy them all!
Playful = Uhh...yeah! I LOVE making jokes and pranks, and I'm always down to have fun! A lot of people don't get my sense of humor and think I'm, like, being mean to them or something, but it's all in good fun. Except my threats. Those are DEAD SERIOUS. Emphasis on DEAD.
Mean = HEY! Alli must have put this here, because I know it's not right. Like, sure, people keep saying that I don't care about anyone except me and am willing to do just about anything to be noticed, but I'll inform you that my friends (and I DO have them) tell me that I'm very nice. I never forget their birthdays, even!

Oh, you want to know about the scooter? YOU'RE NOT WORTHY OF KNOWING THE TRUTH ABOUT THE SCOOTER. OF. DOOM. It carries me everywhere to spread my message and power at blinding speeds, and my tail has the strength to yeet you right out of this reality! And if you don't recognize my power, I will! Then who's delusional? Here, how about I talk about Scooter? The cat, not the vehicle you're unworthy of knowing about. He's so cute!

I found Scooter while I was out one day. He was a tiny little kitten, and, like, just got in my lap and wouldn't let me leave, and he looked so cute and pathetic, so I took him home. Alli was shocked! But he's a good boy, he likes food. Like, seriously, he eats EVERYTHING. Like, when we buy bread, we need to put it in the microwave because otherwise, he's gonna extract and eat it. He's still such a cutie though! Plus, I know that he's meant to be my companion because we both have two different-colored eyes! That's, like, an anime-protagonist level event!